“Our mission is a center at European standards, and our aim is to protect youth with a French touch without changing their face.”

Dr. ARSLAN Musbeh

Founder of LEA Aesthetics

Dr. Arslan Musbeh graduated from Odessa Medical University in 2000. He started his career in Turkey with medical aesthetics and hair loss treatments before moving to France.

After finishing his specialization studies in France, he started working in Paris and in the provinces until 2011. In 2005, during his studies, he became more interested in hair loss treatments and hair surgery and his interest in the field has continued to grow.

Today, he is a world-renowned hair transplant surgeon and trainer with 17 years of experience in the field. He is fluent in French and Russian.
The education and professional discipline he received in France, the Conferences and Workshops he participated in, allowed him to acquire a great experience in his field.

By adopting the FUE technique in hair surgery, he pioneered the use of the sapphire scalpel for incisions. He has gained extensive experience with thousands of hair transplant cases using the FUE Sapphire technique.

With his artistic approach to hair transplantation, he takes great care in the hemogenic extraction of the grafts from the donor area and places great importance on tracing the natural hairline. With his vision, Dr. ARSLAN Musbeh is among the leading hair transplant surgeons in the industry.

It demonstrates an ethical approach by reminding that, “Hair transplantation is an aesthetic surgical procedure and this procedure should be performed by a doctor in a clinic that fully complies with the standards.”

Dr. Arslan Musbeh, combining his years of experience with his brand HAIRMEDICO, which he founded in 2008, with his clinic Lea Aesthetics. Doctor receives patients from different countries around the world at his hair transplant and aesthetics clinic in Istanbul.


I was born in Antalya in 1967. I completed my primary, secondary and high school education in Antalya.

I completed my university education at Atatürk University Faculty of Medicine in Erzurum in 1995. I worked at Ardahan MS Health Center for the next 2 years. Between 1997-2004, Antalya Provincial Health Directorate; I gained experience by working as Koyunlar Health Center Physician, Manavgat/Antalya State Hospital Emergency Service and Hemodialysis, 112 Ambulance Transfer Physician. Between 2005-2012, I served in 3 different institutions. These can be listed as Private Medical Park Antalya – Organ Transplantation and Hemoperfusion Transvision Service Medicine, Private Olimpos Hospital Antalya -Emergency Service Medicine, Private Aviation Services Medicine. Receiving the title of workplace doctor in 2012; I served for 3 years at Thy, Türk Telekom, and Boyner companies. Receiving the title of educator in 2015; Occupational Health and Safety Trainer, First Aid Instructor, THY – Ground Handling – Cargo – TGS – Workplace Medicine, Medical Aesthetic Medicine are the specialties I have been continuing until today. the competencies I have; It can be listed as Hemodialysis Medicine, Medical Aesthetic Medicine, Workplace Medicine and Training, Aviation Transportation Certificate.

“Our mission is a center at European standards, and our aim is to protect youth with a French touch without changing their face.”